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Get more from the festival with Festival+

A series of panel discussions, critical events and work-in-progress showcases, including an international Critics' Forum, the Young Critics' Panel and the International Theatre eXchange presented by Irish Theatre Institute.

Admission to Festival+ events is free but ticketed unless otherwise specified. Advance booking is advised as seats are limited.

by phone: +353 1 677 8899
in person: Dublin Theatre Festival Box Office, 12 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

In Development
Dublin Theatre Festival is committed to supporting Irish artists in creating ambitious and high-quality new work. Our In Development programme offers theatremakers a platform to stage their works-in-progress for Irish and international presenter and interested members of the public. Audiences will have an opportunity to see pieces at a critical phase in their development, while artists, writers and directors will use the space to try out new ideas. Past In Development presentations have gone on to enjoy successful productions as part of Dublin Theatre Festival and have toured at home and abroad to critical and public acclaim. 2016 saw five In Devleopment pieces programmed in the festival.

Loose Canon/Jason Byrne: INLAND(S)
Stranded between landscapes and time curves two actors try to make their way through an unknown script, pre-programmed with risky encounters. All they have is their mission brief and their acting skills. The conventions of live action role-playing games crosses paths with the worlds of Hieronymus Bosch, David Lynch and space travel.

Rough Magic, in association with Glór: Wood.Stone.Spider by Feargal McElherron
“Some stones have the ghosts of old animals in them. People are the same. We are full of fossils.” A dark, funny, folkloric tale of two sisters bringing up a child in a peripheral rural community. Lynne Parker directs an extract from Fergal McElherron’s poetic exploration of the Irish psyche, performed by Simone Kirby and Penny Layden.

Talking Shop Ensemble and Shaun Dunne: Rapids
Rapids explores instances of disclosure and the presence of stigma in the lives of men and women who are HIV+ in Ireland today. For this new work, writer and theatre-artist Shaun Dunne is collaborating with HIV+ activist Robbie Lawlor.

Dublin City Arts Office and San Jose Stage, in association with Irish Theatre Institute:
The Memory Stick by Donal O'Kelly

Two soldiers, Lakota Sioux Native American Lako from South Dakota and Seth from New Jersey chance their way to founding a Native American sweatlodge at the back of aUS army base in Afghanistan. When Bridget joins them Native American and Irish history mix in a magical realist way. Part political, part mythical, secrets are revealed that turn Lako into a whistleblower suspect.

Doireann Coady/THEATREclub: I’m Not Here
A world famous superstar has lost her voice. Her co-star (a dying swan) is already dead and is refusing to help. She’s trying her best to read the lines but she’s wearing very large sunglasses. Watch her try and find her voice again. 

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