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THEATREclub, Ireland
It's Not Over | Samuel Beckett Theatre | Oct 11-16 2016

'It’s not an easy thing to take up a gun and go out and kill  some person without strong convictions or justification' - IRA Green Book
“'t is, an’ it isn’t; it’s both bad an’ good…' – Mrs. Gogan
Nora Clitheroe lives in a tenement house with other ordinary people. Their lives are about to be rocked by the Rising. THEATREclub's production of Sean O'Casey's The Plough and the Stars - It's Not Over - will bring back rioting like it's 1926.
‘It will take place in a theatre, but it is not a play. It is a campaign. You will watch a re-enactment of the past 50  years of violent political conflict. We are working with former IRA Volunteers. It’s four and a half hours long.  There’ll be a bar and a live band, maybe bingo.’
In a year of revisionism, whitewashing, apologies and double speak; We refuse to commemorate 1916. It’s not over. It never started. Let's look at 1966.
Warning: Do not talk about it.
Contains strong language. Loud sound effects, high-intensity lighting and video effects
including strobe lighting in the production.
Cast and Creative Team:

  • Written, Directed and Designed by Grace Dyas and Barry O’Connor
  • Cast includes: Jason  Byrne, Doireann Coady, Neili Conroy, John Cronin, Stefan Dunbar, Rebecca  Guinnanne, Neil Keery, Finn Kennedy, James O'Driscoll, Pat McGrath, Ruairi O'Donovan
  • Costume Design: Emma Fraser
  • Lighting Design: Eoin Winning
  • Sound Design: Rob Moloney
  • Therapeutic Supervisor: Mari Kennedy
  • Pyrotechnics Design: Se Purcell (Black Powder Monkeys)

Commissioned by the Lyric Theatre Belfast.
Funded through an Arts Council Theatre Project Award.

THEATREclub are Project Artists, an initiative of Project Arts Centre.
Information and Tickets:

  • Venue: Samuel Beckett Theatre
  • Preview: Oct 11, 6pm
  • Dates: Oct 12, 14 & 15, 6pm; Oct 16, 2pm
  • Tickets: €15 – €25
  • Duration: Approx. 4 hrs 30 mins. incl. interval.


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