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While You Wait: Fuel

Sept 26 - Oct 3: Dublin Airport

“Combining elements of both the site-specific and one-on-one theatre, the results are intriguing, fun, and, at times, exquisitely touching.”  Exeunt Magazine

While You Wait

While You Wait is a series of 10 minute podcasts created by artists and theatre companies from the UK and internationally. Each a different meditation on the idea of waiting, the podcasts are designed to surprise, delight and intrigue you while you wait.

Throughout 2013 one podcast per month has been released on the Fuel, SoundCloud and Run Riot websites. September’s podcast, commissioned by Dublin Theatre Festival, is by The Company in collaboration with Dr Jonathan Reades and Dr Raphael Woolf (King’s College London). Entitled "Waiting, Are We...?", this podcast is now available to listen to online, below:  

In addition to the podcasts being available online, a listening station will be installed at Dublin Airport for the duration of the festival. Visitors and travellers are free to pick up a headset and listen to all nine podcasts so far.

The Company is a collective of theatre artists based in Dublin. In their podcast they chart the different attitudes of young and older people to waiting, exploring questions of ageing, travelling, human relationships and technology.


Funded by Arts Council England and a Wellcome Trust Arts Award.
The Company’s podcast is created with the support of Culture Ireland.

Duration: 90 mins (9 x 10 minute podcasts)

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